The Hobbit Hits Box Offices

Bradley Hart, Staff Writer

Every year there are dozens of major movie hits, but there are still only a few movie series that have stood against the test of time and are still incredible popular.  These series include Star Wars, Harry Potter, and of course the Lord of the Rings.

The Hobbit takes place before the first Lord of the Rings book; it takes place in a fantasy world known as Middle Earth.   In this medieval fantasy world, a young Hobbit named Bilbo Baggins is approached by a wizard named Gandalf to go on a quest with him and twelve Dwarves to reclaim an ancient Dwarf realm in at a place called the Lonely Mountain.  The Dwarves were forced to leave their home when a Dragon defeated them. 

This movie was directed by well-known director Peter Jackson, who is famed for his work in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  After the trilogy ended, he decided to create a movie for The Hobbit.  When he decided to do this he broke The Hobbit into three different movies.  The first installment of The Hobbit is called An Unexpected Journey.  

The movie itself had a little bit of a slower pace to it than the other movies in the Lord of the Rings.  Although there were parts of the movie that were a bit slow there were still several action scenes that did not disappoint.  Throughout the entire movie there was very high tech CGI and special effects, which helped to draw the viewer into the movie.

Martin Freeman, who played the main character of Bilbo Baggins did an incredible job bringing all of the small little quirks of his character to the screen.

The movie itself was a serious movie, but there were many points throughout the entire movie that were very funny, which added to the movie as a whole.

Overall the movie was another great work by Peter Jackson.  Even though it was over two and a half hours long, it was entertaining all of the way from the beginning to the very end, especially for people who are Lord of the Rings fans or those viewers who enjoy adventures.