Halo 4: A Gamer’s Video Game

Liam Millroy, Staff Writer

A new Halo game has graced the Xbox’s of gamers around the world.  It was first in stores on November 6 and has already gotten rave reviews from some of the top gaming sites out there.  Halo games never fail to impress, and this one so far, doesn’t seem to be any different.

The newest Halo game since the 2010 release of Halo Reach has done a lot to make the Halo experience better for every user.  This game wasn’t created by Bungie, the widely known producer associated with previous Halo games; it was created by 343 Industries, a first for the Halo franchise, but thus far it seems to have been a great choice. 

One of the things that Halo 4 has that previous Halo games don’t are “ordinances”; these are a kind of reward that the user gets after going on a kill-streak.  The reward can be anything from upgraded armor to a very powerful weapon.  Some people may think that these are a bad choice, and that Halo should stop trying to be like the Call of Duty franchise.  This is true in a sense, but these also provide a new dimension that Halo has never had before.  What makes Halo games great is that they are not like any other FPS (First Person Shooter) game, and while this does make them a little less unique, they did it well, and didn’t hurt the Halo game model in doing so.

The multiplayer gameplay in Halo is always top notch, but the real highlight of playing Halo games is the long, difficult, but ultimately fascinating Single player Campaign mode.  Halo is widely known for an amazing single player campaign, and this game continues on that road, delivering an absolutely mind-boggling experience, that will be sure to keep any gamer on the edge of his or her seat.

One thing that is for sure is that Halo wouldn’t be Halo if they didn’t constantly innovate and improve their games.  They have done so once again in Halo 4 with a ranking system similar to Call of Duty’s.  After reaching level SR-50, you have the choice of different specializations to pursue and level up in that appeal to your style of play. This provides gamers with a much longer-lasting multiplayer experience, that doesn’t turn dull as it has in previous Halo games.

 Halo 4 isn’t a typical video game; it provides users with a gaming experience that will always keep them interested.  With the deep multiplayer, intense campaign mode, and the visually pleasing graphics, Halo 4 is a gamer’s video game.  The developers did a great job of listening to the feedback of their fans, and taking those suggestions and actually implementing them in the game. 

This is a game that all developers can use as a benchmark of what a video game should be.  If you enjoyed playing Halo 3 you will love Halo 4.  Be prepared to never leave your Xbox once you get it because it is just that good.