Suiting up for Sadies

Suiting up for Sadies

Gizelle Salsa, Contributor February 16, 2023

The annual Sadie Hawkins dance will take place on Friday, February 24th.    With the night approaching, the tradition of this dance where the women take the lead is still set in place. Whereas homecoming...

Sadie Hawkins: A Brief History

Sadie Hawkins: A Brief History

Leanne Abel, Contributor January 31, 2023

The annual Sadie Hawkins Dance will take place February 24. While you may know what this dance is, specifically that it is when a girl asks a guy, opposite of traditional way it’s done, you might now...

SV students celebrate the New Year

A New New Year

Leanne Abel , Contributor January 23, 2023

There are many people who worry about a new year, others who could not care less. For some, it is a chance to become a better version of themselves. Other people believe that it is just another year...

Michael Shaker watches the World Cup.

Students’ FIFA Fascination

Gizelle Salsa, Contributor December 20, 2022

The events of the 2022 FIFA World Cup have left students spiraling with debate, excitement, and high tensions.  The quadrennial football tournament began in late November, and has since been bringing...

Cheeseman’s Fright Farm: Was it worth it?

Felicity Scott November 15, 2022

The time of the year when everyone was looking for the perfect pumpkin patch to go to during the chilly fall day, and maybe a thrilling haunted house at night came and went just a few short weeks ago....

14 of the most anticipated debut fantasy novels from May 2021

14 of the most anticipated debut fantasy novels from May 2021

Tessa Markham, Contributor May 26, 2021

Given the challenges of the past year, people have been left with a lot of extra time. Just one of the things people have used that time for is reading, and authors certainly haven’t been slowing down...

Prom plans continue in midst of pandemic

Prom plans continue in midst of pandemic

Sophia Kunkel , Contributor April 23, 2021

The Seneca Valley 2021 Prom, organized by dedicated Senior Class Officers and determined faculty, is still set to take place on May 15 in spite of COVID-19 related challenges.  “We’re trying...

Vaccines made available for SV teachers

Vaccines made available for SV teachers

Megan Holby , Contributor April 12, 2021

Many teachers at SV have received their Covid-19 vaccinations these past few weeks; however, students will not be able to receive the vaccine until later this year. The school has been trying to facilitate...

The Day I Fell in Love

Sophia Kunkel, Co-Editor March 16, 2021

On the day I fell in love, the sky was rain-speckled and dreary. Menacing clouds swirled above me as I walked home from school in mud splattered Converse shoes and a torn backpack slung over my...

Self-Love: A Valentines Day Story

Self-Love: A Valentine’s Day Story

Leanne Abel, Contributor February 16, 2021

Valentine’s Day is the worst holiday. Well, in my opinion, it is. People buy each other gifts, cards, chocolate, etc. for no reason. And for us single people, it’s just another holiday where you can’t...

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